Cycle Diner

Gatto Cycle Diner

Gatto Diner

The Cycle Diner is a 1949 O`Mahoney Company Diner. The 85,000-pound diner was trucked to its present location and lovingly restored by the Gatto family. Every effort was taken to return the diner to its original state. The counter was rebuilt to exact specifications. The stools and booths that couldn't be refurbished were built with details so precise that it's impossible to distinguish them from the originals. The jukebox was stocked with 50s hits and the walls were adorned with Gatto's collection of antique motorcycle photographs. The diner was a dream come true for owner George Gatto, who envisioned his customers relishing the chance to return to the glory days of James Dean, rock `n roll and lunch counter hang-outs you never want to leave. When you finally make your way out the door, take a good look at the photo of the couple in the 1950 Ford convertible, they may look familiar to you.

The Cycle Diner is currently CLOSED.